January window

9 January 2016

Ah, it was a bit sad to take down our xmas shop window display at Rust Yarmouth, but once we got stuck in, it didn't take long. For January is a bit of an in-between time on our calendar as it is too early for valentines and spring. Anyways, I always think of bulbs this time of the year, so we had the idea of having a few pots in the window, and that kind of grew until we added half the contents of our garden shed.
...also a few chandelier drops to represent rain, of course!

I got busy potting up loads of spring bulbs that we bought from our local b&q, and wrapped them in newspaper and moss with twine. Easy peasy! Maybe the muddy gloves was a step too far, but I like to try and tell a bit of a story in the shop window, like someone was planting out their bulbs and beans and dug up lots of jewellery...something like that!

same thing in the cabinets, but the lighting was a bit dodgy for taking photos...

Very atmospheric with the rain lashing against the windows!

I hope these are all going to flower ok, I got daffodils, snowdrops, crocus, hyacinth and little pansies.

Also, I made some new cards for the shop, I love these vintage seamen scraps, we already sold lots of cards on day one of opening 2016, so I best make more of these.

We bought a few flowers to brighten up the shop until the bulbs flower ; )

I am really enjoying the window decorating every season, in fact it was one of my top jobs on my list when I was a nipper. Thats the good thing about working for yourself, you can be all those things you always wanted to be, designer, photographer, visual merchandiser, (wrap and packer, data entry, sales assistant, factory worker, email responder, problem solver...blah blah blah)!! ; )

P.S...I have my first ever sponsor for my blog! The lovely people from The Future Kept, I have been following Jeska's blog Lobster & Swan for as long as I can remember, I LOVE her style! In fact I already have quite a few things in our home that I spotted are available in her shop (that she runs with her husband Dean) pop over and take a look if you have a moment.


  1. Absolutely beautiful window display! Wish I really could dig up jewelry that lovely! It is rainy and gray here in North Carolina and your post really cheered me up! Thanks and have a lovely week!

  2. I Love your shop display, the muddy gloves does the hole display :)

  3. Anonymous10.1.16

    As always, your work is just exquisite.

  4. Wow, how lovely the window display is! And how super talented you both are! I hope your pregnancy is going along well? All the very best in that department, I only had the one child, that was enough for me, I was so big, the docs thought I was having twins!!

  5. Your window is superb and the muddy gloves are perfect. You have exquisite taste.

  6. U've excelled yourself again With your beautiful and appropriate window display. xxx
    Ps. I hope all is going well with baby No.2 xxx

  7. You are truly an artist, lovely windowsill!

  8. I always admire your window displays. I like the way you bring the outside in.
    The muddy garden gloves are perfect- wouldn't be the same without them.
    Having your own shop is like having a grown up doll's house - sort of.


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