the first of december

1 December 2015

It's been a busy old time of the year so far with our shop and also my mister's new leather accessories online shop and all sorts of computer work and rushing to London. It will be nice to just sit around the fire and get ready for the winter solstice and xmas festivities. I have yet to bring in the box of decorations from the garage and we haven't got a tree yet...we want it to still have some needles on it on xmas day ; ) but I have managed to make a very simple advent calendar at around midnight last night!
I saw something similar on pinterest and because we have lots of these little white envelopes hanging around from work, thought it would be a good way of using them up.

It was easy peasy to make, just glue and glitter and some clothes pegs and twine. I put chocolate coins in them as usual. I also cleared off all the random crap that seems to gather on the mantle piece ; )

Our littlun is ALL about xmas this year, she knows the drill...she kept reminding me to buy mince pies and carrots for santa and reindeers like her life depended on it. At night when she is about to fall asleep, she said 'I'm so excited for xmas!, is it xmas tomorrow??'

Well thinking of little things for her stocking and wrapping up her pressies are just about as magical as it gets for me as a parent, next year x 2 eeekk!!


  1. Oh, Pehr is so cute! Nothing better than seeing the Holidays through the eyes of a child. I wish I could shrink mine...sigh.

    Love the Advent wreath and I bet I know why it is so high up...chuckle!

    Glad you are getting a bit of rest.

  2. So sweet, love it.

  3. Very inspiring as usual. Taking the ordinary and... well you know the saying...transforming into extraordinary. Wonderful and wonder-filled. Perfetto.

  4. Where did you find that beautiful star? I love homemade advent calendars. ☺️

  5. Gorgeous comments from Pehr, she's lucky to have such a thoughtful, creative and talented Mum :) x

  6. Did you make the twinkly star too? If not, do you mind me asking where you got it from please... Pehr is so adorable, she is going to love Christmas and all the family traditions you are making.

  7. Lovely! Very in keeping with winter solstice.


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