20 December 2014

Firstly, I'd just like to say a massive, hugemungous big sloppy thank you for all those lovely comments that were posted on the Junkaholique Facebook page. I got all choked up reading them, it was a real xmas surprise! I have also received some really wonderful emails from Rust jewellery customers too, it's so good to receive them at this busiest time of the year for us.
Thank you sincerely, for all those who read this funny old blog of mine, that I started just writing about weaving all those years ago!
Anyways, as the title suggests, this post is about my xmas wrapping paper mess-athon!

 lots of big sheets of recycled packing paper, poster paint, glue and glitter, created thus...

I made eight big sheets of paper, our littlun helped with the flicking paint one! (although she was a bit desperate to add some colour!) I fancied a rather monotone xmas this year. (I'm sure Santa's elves will be using some colourful paper though!). I rather like the way they came out, sort of naive look about them, totally intentional of course ; )

I made everyones pressies this year with my own fair hands (except some extra bought ones for my Mister and Tot) so it was even more exciting to wrap them up and say goodbye to my creations! I guess my next blog post I can show you's all what I made, after they've all been opened.

I was up till 12.30 last night wrapping pressies, I actually ache this morning. Wrappers thighs? something like that.

We'll be at my mum's house during the Solstice so hope to be up to see the sunrise over the sea! (luckily we can see it from the window, ; ) x

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