14 October 2014

So I never thought a few years ago, my mister and I would be organising a toddler party, it just goes to show you never know whats around the corner! I'm also in disbelief that our daughter is now two. 
Two years of exhaustion, nappies, tantrums, getting up every 5 seconds, wiping food off the floor and generally being someone's staff. The prime point of our day is when she goes to bed and we can relax. BUT, as soon as we let out a big sigh and collapse on the sofa, we start talking about her, what funny things she did that day, what new words she said, comparing videos of her on our phones or looking at photos of when she was a baby, saying over and over 'ahh she was so small!'. And before we know it, its time to go to bed. I guess at the end of the day, that how all parents feel. It's all really worth it, it really is.

So with all that in mind, we felt it only right that she should have a party to celebrate her second birthday. Although she's still really young, this is the first time of her life when she's been able to communicate verbally and make friends and enjoy other's company. It also happens to mark the anniversary of when we moved to the Isle of Wight from London, and we thought it would be great to get all our new friends together.

I was commissioned to make some invitations like thus...

 We went to our local post box...

and some locals had them hand delivered...

My mister and I tried our best to make some pressies too, I made (or rather 'collated') a mock-up kitchen, I bought all the bits separately as I wanted it to be realistic but that she also has to use her imagination a bit. I made a stove top out of felt which can be put on top of the box...

and it can also be set up for tea (as she is obsessed with pouring and stirring tea for some reason). I found some little enamelled coffee cups and a childs cutlery set (which I made a felt roll to keep them in)

I thought she could do some pretend cooking too, with some animal cutters, fondant icing moulds and textured rolling pins for playing with pastry or plasticine.

 I also made an elephant with a sqeeker in it.

Nao made this little bag, which I nearly fainted when I saw it, so beautiful, and I love all the details.
He hand stitched it in his shed.

We made these things in the few hours when the other was child minding for the day.

I'm not a very sociable person actually, I get a bit anxious when people come to our house, if they will enjoy themselves, and I clean the house thoroughly, so a party with kids plus their parents felt a bit daunting, add to that the fact that I don't generally cook, whoooaa!! Anyways, we got on with it and it all went to plan amazingly!

All the table flowers were from our garden, incredibly there were still a few left after the summer, very handy.

 I made a cake, I made a cake last year too, baking is a very rare occurance.

Whilst all this was going on, the littlun started the party by herself. I don't think she quite understood that all her buddies were coming too.

we had an adult's table, and a kid's table.

I decorated the cake with figs, physalis and pomegranate seeds. The littluns seem to really go for the pomegranate, I suppose they look like sweets. The cake was a vanilla cake with cream cheese icing, like the one from last year...I can only do one type of cake ; )

She was given so many lovely things.

I had a really good time, it was kind of weird to see so many people in our little house, but everyone was fantastic, I was very rosy cheeked by the end of the evening...not sure quite how much I drank!

The next day we tried to recover, and the littlun played with her new toys. 
This chair was given to her by a friend of our's who lives nearby. It used to be his when he was a child, and he painted her name on it! It's so amazing, and she loves rocking on it as fast as she can.
She can relax in front of the fire with her blankets this winter.

The day after that was her actual birthday (yes, I know) she had more pressies to open, from us. By this stage, she thought the party was a permanent fixture, and was the first thing she said when she woke up 'see party? see party?'

she found pressies from her dad in the tent...

 vintage cash till

two brass hooks, one with w 'P' on it, the other was an owl...
and her new bag, made by her dad!

and pressies from me in the living room...

10 out of 10 for the present receiving face! she said ' Elephant!! mummy make it!...ahhhh  sniff sniff...

a funny robotic panda I found second hand on ebay...

 lots of books, too...

 and her new kitchen...

I forgot that we actually have a (really crap) Halogen hob, so it doesn't look like this, so I'm not sure she understood the concept? It's maybe more similar to our camping set up!

From her Granny and Granddad in Japan, she received lots of goodies, including these amazing vintage cotton fish windsocks, and a Japanese silk jacket (which I was trying to model here)

She had pancakes at he local cafe and then we went to a Farm Park with her little cousin, aunty, uncle and granny.

she loved watching Mum get covered in goat gob.

we saw lots of animals and played in the play barn, rolled about in straw, and went on a tractor was really good, such a well organised Farm for the littlies!

So, I don't think we will manage a party every year, but it was such amazing time, nothing beats seeing your kids with happy excited faces eh? Now, I need at least three years to recover ; )

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