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6 October 2014

These are a few photos from a recent trip to London for a few days. We usually try to do as much as possible and get as much work done at our workshop as we can. Its not been that easy this time as we can't give our littlun as much freedom as she is used to at home, which sort of drives her nuts...which drives us nuts too. So it was a turbulent trip, with many ups and downs. Mostly ups, so I can't complain ; ) Although living on the Isle of Wight is great, of course I will always love London...but I'm not sure I could live there now...I prefer to be a tourist...I think I am getting old.

Whilst I sat in the van supping my take away tea and perusing the internet on my phone, my mister + tot went to visit the leather warehouse and leather workshop next door, where he gets his leather/silver items made up for the Tokyo shop. I think he has been coming here for about 15 years !?

being a veggie, I'm not keen on the smell of leather, but I do remember it is a fascinating place to see (but a little too dark for photos).

this is the factory next door, making bags and wallets etc...

We then went in search of sustenance and somewhere the tot could stretch her ever growing legs.
She found a friendly cat along the way and she showed it her piggy.

bingo! a cafe avec playground.

with fish finger wrap.

next to Newington Green we saw this lovely toy shop / children's hairdressers called Three Potato Four, we found an amazing vintage wooden royal mail truck and some other bits and bobs, Very happy finds. 

We drove in the direction of Essex Road, Islington, and discovered a few junk shops there...

 I bought the wire rack below>

and this amazing haberdashery Ray Stitch, that I was let lose in. More shopping occured.

and as if I had spent enough of my hard earned cash, we thought we'd stop off at Atlantis art shop to get some inspiration. We have both been coming here for many a year, me in my yoofal art student days at Camberwell, lusting over the paints and papers that I couldn't afford.

 the littlun thought she had arrived in some kind of dream world.

 this is where we bought all the canvas for her play house

I don't know why but I get a warm fuzzy feeling when I see sketchbooks, paint in metal tubes and fresh pastels. I need help.

we bought a lot...not sure what I'm going to do with it yet though.

That evening we went to an exhibition of a friends cousin, in Shad Thames. I love that area, its proper London. The exhibition was stunning, but again the littlun thought it was a party, and her sandals were very loud. She ran out of the door, down the street, around the corner...

and came out here.

and I'm so glad she bought us here, because I never would have thought to come and have and walk on the south bank on such a lovely evening.

Next day was wet and gloomy. We thought we'd try the Natural History Museum, but would have to queue for three days to get in. Instead we mooched our way into the V&A to find some lunch, and look in the shop ; )

I loved this shed installation, and I heard that it revolves to catch the sun!

after we'd all had a nap and some lunch in our van, we took a walk around Angel market, which is hardly a market at all nowadays, but we always like to have a poke around there. There are lots of nice cafes and shops there too.

It got really cold very quickly, so I had to walk around like a huge two headed mutant.

There is always lovely stuff on George's stall. I bought a tape measure, a pair of scissors and some bulldog clips.

this was on a different stall, I saw it last time I was here, not any cheaper though (its a wooden owl lamp btw).

bonkers window display.

So many gorgeous clothes on this stall, I didn't buy that cape, but I did buy that palm tree dress, oh yes indeedo.

we spotted a few lovely shops that I might come back to see one day sans cub.

On our last day we were excited to visit our friends house for lunch. They live in Hackney. We let the littlun have a nap first in the van, and then we looked around Stoke 'Stokey' Newington.

I think it will take me a good few days to recover from our trip, it was great to catch up with London things and get some inspiration. I'm glad to be home now...I go to London often by's so much easier by myself...

...but not as much fun!

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