autumnal weavings

27 September 2014

So if you've been following me over on instagram you'll probably sick to death of my weaving explorations by now. I have been reading many 1970s books about weaving that have given me all sorts of ideas. I really love the Navajo traditional rugs with geometrical patterns, and the textures of the 1970s wall hangings with metalic threads all mixed together. I have some way to go, but these are a couple of latest weaving I have done.

and bit of an experiment using fine mohair, with single weft threads and unspun wool.

I saw a beautiful vintage triangle quilt that gave me an idea for this one, but it didn't come out quite as I had imagined!

this is what the back looks like before trimming.

lots of ideas from these things our kiddo found in the woods.

The weather has been pretty chipper here down on the Isle of Wight, so a bit of weaving in the garden is a very nice way to waste a day.

this big triangle was going to be a diamond shape but i ran out of space on my loom so it turned into a huge triangle instead.

So autumn is here, and its getting cold and dark, oh blimey I hate winter. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I make it through till spring...I wish I could hibernate like a dormouse.

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