living room makeover

9 August 2014

Amazingly, we have just finished decorating our living room (after 10 months since we moved in!). It took a good few days to take everything out of our living room and paint the floor and put up some shelves but its much better now. Last winter we got so down because of the lack of sun. We spent more time in this room because of the log fire (and the telly) but it is generally the least sunny room in the house. I HOPE that with the new white floor, it will help to make the most of the natural light, and keep us the right side of sanity during the depths of January.
That massive sign on the wall was an ebay purchase by my Mister, and yes, he didn't look closely at the measurements before bidding...I think you could see this from outer space.
By the way,  Mr. Stephens of Stephens ink was a very fascinating fellow, who trained to be a doctor, but whilst writing his essays, became fed up with the rubbish ink he was using and so developed his own ink. This ink became the biggest selling ink in the world! This enamelled sign looks quite modern I thought around 1960s but it's actually from 1910-1920s! It probably would have been on a railway side.

The clockwork menagerie is getting bigger...full of dysfunctional old creatures (right at home in our house!)

I'm trying to make myself print out more photos as its easy to just keep them on a disk and forget about them. So after about 50 attempts, I managed to persuade our printer to kindly give us three pictures.

Also, I'm trying to be tidy and make use of the storage we have. However, these toys will stay like this for about the 10 seconds it takes for our daughter to walk into the room.

I'm very proud of my wallpaper collection ; )

This old 70s wicker lampshade has a bit of a makeover, but, it was a lot harder to paint than I thought...I should have used spray paint...oh well...

My favourite this about our 'new' living room is the shelf above the door.

its feet up time now.

I'll deal with this another day...


in other home improvements news, we decided to say farewell to four huge pink hydrangeas and hello to a nectarine tree and lots of perennials.

but, I do like other species of hydrangea, so I planted this one which I love!

and my dahlia has managed a flower! Its like a firework explosion.

If things go to plan, we should have a little crop of plums, apples, pears and peaches very soon.

and some cut flowers too...

love these bonkers yellow things. And a few early plums that we shared with some caterpillars.

So there is still tons of stuff to do to this summer before the winter comes and we turn into vegetables again. The littluns expression here,  pretty much sums up my mood too, after all that physical work lately.

Oh by the way, those cushions on the sofa are both purchased from Jo Waterhouse!

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