St. Agnes - Cornwall

25 July 2014

We spent a wonderful week in Cornwall. It was funny to be back down to the very tip of Cornwall, where I used to live a long time ago. How things have changed since I was last there in my early twenties. A lot, of course, is still exactly the same, like the rocky cliffs, wet new sand and unpredictable weather.

We camped in our van for the whole trip, we stayed at many different campsites along the way, sometimes never knowing where we'd end up that night. It was exciting and exhilarating, and bloody knackering.

The most important thing nowadays, is not enjoying a holiday ourselves, but more to watch our kiddo enjoying herself...this gives me more pleasure than anything. Those massive caves and vast vast beaches, she has all the freedom she could need and her tiny legs just run and run!

I'm already missing it there.

(more Cornish adventures to come...)

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