saving the summer

26 July 2014

I have been trying to preserve some of the flowers from our first summer in our house. I know that pressing flowers properly requires waiting over two weeks, but I am impatient about these things and can't wait that long. So I zapped them in the microwave.

I dried off the flowers a bit on some kitchen towel and then pressed them for about 30 mins in a flowers press.

once squashed, I took out the blotting paper sandwiches and put them on a dish, and then put another large dish on top of them and put them in the microwave for about 2-3mins.

Its a bit hit and miss, some flowers seem to lose all their colour, others go see through, and some just don't look very nice, so it's worth trying a few different flowers.
I found the yellow daisy types, geraniums and dark coloured sweet peas came out the best.

Littlun is soooo obsessed with 'wowers' she loves watering them and sniffing them, and when she saw the picture I made, she wouldn't let go of it! This resulted in level 9.5 tantrum.

I think I will appreciate this flower picture in the deepest depths of January.

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