sunny (then rainy) bank holiday weekend

26 May 2014

Hello Peoples, on this dank dark drizzly Bank Holiday in Ol'Blighty, I thought I try and lighten the mood. Can you believe that it was actually sunny once? Yesterday we went out to a local beach in our camper van. 
We have had our camper for about three years now, but it really feels like part of the family. I know that sound cheesy, but it is true. As VW camper original advert says, 'It's not just a car, it's a way of life' and 'It's not just a car, it's a second home'.  We keep it ready stocked for camping at the drop of a hat (or when the forecast in sunny).
Anyway, I'm waffling. What I wanted to post about was our new curtains which I made on Saturday. We took the plunge and went for a bright bold colour for once! 
The fabric cost about £1.90 per metre off ebay, total cost around £24. Readymade VW curtains cost around £150 per set, so thats £126 I can spend on myself right?
Since we refurbished our van a few years ago, its been on about 15 camping trips and numerous days out and market trips. All that takes its toll, so I bought a carpet and upholstery cleaner and got busy sucking out all that dirt and debris. It now smells fresh as a daisy (actually it smelt like wet wool for a while).

 I also made a little linen cover for our cooker.

we bought a few bits and bobs like this mackerel cushion...

 and a new seat/box which I am going to make a padded seat cushion.

Our nipper LOVES the van, she just never gets bored in there and can stay in it all day, climbing about, playing with the steering wheel, pushing all the buttons and bouncing on the seats.

and she is really into binoculars.

the view above is Compton Bay, and the carpark is on the cliff above.

I'm so in love with my new cardi I found, I do love a good vintage knitwear or blanket label, am I alone?...

and a mini version (courtesy of our good friend Katy)

a quick paddle (which resulted in wet bottom)

most of the sand has washed away from this beach which used to be the biggest sandy beach on the island (I think?) but it has revealed more of the fossilised forest and rock pools.

 I do hope the sand comes back or there will be some very unhappy tourist this summer.

Oh van love (its called Lewes but we tend to call it the Hungry Caterpillar as it munches through our savings). We hope to one day restore it's badly filled bodywork too, ouch!

But to be honest, I don't mind.

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