the first of march.

1 March 2014

It's march! thank goodness for that. March is a good month for us, Nao and I both celebrate our birthdays this month (yes two Piscies I know!) and lots of spring flowers start to pop up.
Today was also a blindingly sunny day, so we headed out around the Island to a few places I don't know too well. Then we broke down (fuel pump again) and whiled away a couple of hours at the beach whilst we waiting for the recovery van.

Above is Bembridge beach. This place was amazing when I was little, so many adventures were had there and some of the few truly happy childhood memories I have, are at this beach. Sadly most of the sand has gone, and the beach is full of building rubble. The beach cafe/shop is gone and some nasty new building developments have taken over. Sad. But, we still had a nice time there.

Below is at St.Helens where my mum spent time as a child with her mum and brothers.
Unfortunately the cafe was closed, but it was a lovely place to park up and have a snooze and take some piccies.

Colourful tights for the occasion.

I feel rejuvenated and ready for camping and beach lazing pretty soon.

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