Yule making: wrapping paper

8 December 2013

"What mess are you going to make today Mum?"
Well small person, I'm going to make some gold mess, involving old maps from the charity shop.
I picked these up for 50p each, gold spray from Amazon and glitter paint from our local newsagent.

I love the colours of maps, and they are usually massive so ideal for wrapping up pressies. I could just buy some paper, but it is more fun to make it yourself no?

I cut out some rough tree shapes, then got busy obliterating parts of the British Isles. (please note that I didn't use those stamps that you can see in the photo as they didn't work very well!).

London? Pine tree, Leicester ? Pine tree, Swansea? Pine tree, Cambridge? Pine tree. In fact all of Britain is pine forest according to my maps,
and Ireland too?

I'm going to use these as gift tags. Note that the original price says 80p and the charity shop price says 50p. I think this makes the prefect tag.

Once I'd vandalised all the maps, I got hold of some 1970s wallpaper.

It got the same treatement.

some kind of gloves would have been a good idea.

There should be a toddler under there.

All good fun eh!


  1. Such a brilliant idea ;-)
    I love the colors of the old maps to - purhaps I should pay the local second hand shop a visit?
    Thank youf or sharing!

  2. Loving your wrapping paper, especially the maps. People say children can be very messy, but I usually make the mess at our house. (Half finished projects all over!!!) Sarah

  3. Great wrapping idea, good job little 'un kept away or else you would have had a gilded Pehr! I am about to start carving a potato stamp into the shape of a star, dip into white paint and get to work on plain brown wrapping paper.

  4. Such a great idea! i love the look of old maps :)


  5. Anonymous8.12.13

    old maps are great and you have done wondrous things with them......

  6. Anonymous8.12.13

    Seems you changed Britain and Ireland for the better :-) The world needs more forests anyway ! Marcy

  7. Such a great idea, and so unique! I was getting crafty with gold paint and glitter this weekend myself, soooo much fun!

  8. In love with the picture of your little one. xx

  9. Love it! What an ace idea. I'm chuckling at the anon comment on your other post. What a party pooper!

  10. I love this! So simple and stylish. Much better than store bought gift wrapping that are bad for the environment anyway!
    I was just wondering, did you spray the gold on inside? I usually spray outside, but now during winter that becomes impossible. If you sprayed them inside, I'm very curious as to how you managed to not get any spray paint on other stuff, like furniture etc (not to mention you kiddo ...) :) Thanks! You have so many wonderful ideas! xo Kat

  11. hi there...I had two outside doors open in that room so it was bloody freezing! That paint is not like the kind you use for furniture and things, its just like Christmas decorating paint like you buy in the craft shop, its just wipes of with the scrub of a sponge. I made individual stencils so no bigger than A4 and held the can about 20cm, away from the paper, so unlikely to a child ??? She was in bed anyways ; ) or anything else really. I think its best not to worry about these things too much...if the paint is really smelly or airborne then do it outside if your worried, otherwise just make sure the room is well ventilated otherwise you will get high as a kite.


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