a spot of flower de-arranging

4 September 2013

In July, my brother got married, and I helped out with some of the flowers. I just found these snaps I took the day before the wedding as we were setting it up. The bride had grown most of the flowers herself in her garden. The passion flowers I nicked from the wall in our garden. It was good fun, but I don't think flowers arranging is for me somehow! I like random things, and trying to make things look 'random' is a true skill I will never have. Anyhow, the flowers were beautiful so you can't really go wrong I'd say!

her friend put up all that amazing ivy around the tent, so lovely! 
I'm sorry I don't have any picture of it all finished. I'm quite sporadic with the camera sometimes ; )


  1. I'm sorry to say this Artemis but I 100%-unequivicably DISAGREE with you here. These arrangements are gorgeous and random in selection but not in theme! They come together beautifully as a whole and you DEFINATOOTLY have an eye for this methinks!!
    It reminded me of Amy Merrick's work (do you know her? If not then I think you'll love her style of Flower Arranging)
    I'm studying floral art at the mo and although the more formal traditions like bouquets, a shaped symmetry etc is your so called "bread and butter" I too prefer the wild, natural and random. I think there's a move toward this globally as well.
    I hope to educate people one day in being able to do your flowers for a special occasion, sourcing locally grown as much as possible.
    English flowers are a lot more dainty than Australian natives though I must say!

  2. Thank you for saying that Angy! I think studying Floral Art sounds so therapeutic, maybe I will give it a go one day. I like things to look a little haphazard (natural!) too so I'm with you on that one! And its amazing what you can find growing around you that would complement expensive blooms. Flowers are so expensive to buy here, I'm surprised people don't raid their gardens before heading to the florist!

  3. yes, these are gorgeous and they remind me of saipua's flowers (bklyn, ny). so nice to add bits and bobs of whatever's around.


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