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25 August 2013

So we've been pretty busy of late, although I'm sure that won't come across in my blog! We are amidst the refurbishment of our workshop, comprehending the possibility of our next house move, and looking after our nipper and all that entails. Of course this is all going on at the same time running our businesses!

However, we have very little to complain about as life really is pretty sparkly at the moment. Our wee one has just learnt to walk! Yes walk! she does still grab our finger and take us on a walk most of the time, but she is walking hands-free quite a lot too which is just so amazing, words can't describe it really. She is becoming so independent and getting a very strong mind about everything.
She also has learn't some niffty stuff like picking up an iphone to her ear and saying 'hello?' and clapping her hands when we say 'well done'. Im sure thats all standard news to all you parents out there, but to us its totally surreal and amazing : )
She is not a baby anymore which I am devastated about and thrilled about at the same time, a very odd feeling.
She doesn't even feel like a baby anymore, no more delicate squidgy thing, now she's all arms and legs and teeth.

So, when we've not been working, we've really been trying to get Pehr out in the sunshine (at least whats left of it) so she can explore and try out her new legs as it were. This week we went to Kenwood House, to see the ducks and laze about.

I have had such a hard time to find proper shoes that fit her because she has tiny feet and is 10 months old, and all shoes her size are not for walking in, they just get wrecked as soon as they touch the floor! I bought these lovely yellow sandals but they are too big, they will probably fit her next January which is useful. She will have to wear them with wooly socks.

(she doesn't normally walk about with aired bottom in public, but she ran off before I could get a nappy on)

gorgeous old trees in Hampstead...

by the way, during this peaceful lunch in the park, I was bitten eaten, by a horsefly. It got up my dress and sank its teeth or whatever, into my most fleshy parts. It stung like HELL, and after thinking it had gone, 10 minutes later, it bit me again, I looked inside my dress and saw this big brown ugly thing. UUUUrrggh shudder, it probably ate some poo before it bit into me. Nice. Beware the horsefly.

anyways, back to the story...

we love doggies.

maybe we will get one, one day.

We have also been to Brockwell Park, which is next to Brixton/Dulwich.

there is a nice cafe in a big old building at the top of a hill, and a water park for the littleys.

We haven't really taken our babe out to playgrounds much, only in the last week. Its great to see her watching the other kids and going up to them to have a chat.

there is also a sand pit.

and a pond.

one never knows quite what to do whilst waiting for the camera to click.



So, I hope that my next blog post will be a workshop update, with things that we've made and renovated. Im getting so excited about it! 
happy Bank Holiday UK Peeps! x

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