junkaholique's vintage jumble sale event!

23 June 2013

Hello! Me and my mister are having a big big clear out of vintage stock at our London studio. We have so many things that were used as display for our RUST Jewellery shop which closed last year, and most things are either too large, heavy or fragile to add to my online shop. We really need to get a move on with our re-furb of our jewellery studio, so there will be loads of vintage and antique bargins!

If we don't sell all our stock then we may have a second jumble sale on the following sunday, but I'll keep you posted about that.

I do hope you lovely peeps can make it, it will be lovely to meet you! and I would be ever so grateful if you could spread the word about our little jumble sale to anyone you think might be interested.

Images of some of our stock will follow shortly (once I have got photos of them!) but from memory we have: ceramics, suitcase, mannequin, vintage jewellery, clothes, pictures, weird things, bottles, sewing machine, shells, minerals, books, weaving loom, sewing box and loads of random odd things!

We are in the city area of London, which is dead quiet on the weekends! parking should be easy on Hatton Garden. We are 3 tube stops east from Oxford Circus.

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*Cash only (we no longer have our card machine at the workshop), all items will be sold as seen and are non-refundable*

right, now I'd better get on with organising it ; )

Oh! and if you haven't already, hope you can pop over to see me on Facebook


  1. Good luck with your sale. A bit too far for me as I'm in Canada. Hope it's a nice day and no rain for you. Big hug to baby Pehr.

  2. Thank you!
    Luckily, our studio is indoors, so I don't think the rain will bother us too much we are used to it in Blighty. If it is sunny then everyone will be at the park which is not good! x

  3. Anonymous27.6.13

    I have been waiting for this post! Very curious to see your stuff! Even even what I prefer about your blog are your countryside secrets! Hopefully, I´ll beable to make it on that day and say hello for real!
    When you post the pic, could you give an idea of the price you´ll ask for it? Just to know beforehand if it is at one´s pocket level! Merci beaucoup! Rachacha

    1. Hi there, yes I will be giving an idea of prices later on, but not for individual items as that would be a bit exhausting!

      Im afraid it is not possible to reserve or purchase these items online, so it will be strictly first come first served only.

      have a nice day!

  4. Anonymous29.6.13

    I'm really glad your "blog" is still going. I thought you had stopped because the last post I saw was http://www.junkaholique.com/2013/03/i-have-just-listed-some-items-in.html

    I was going through and pruning my reading list in Flipbook on my iPad when I saw you are still posting.

    Your atom and rss feed seems to be broken and empty. See your feed here http://www.junkaholique.com/feed

    (So, without a way to subscribe to it, your blog seems to have become a website).

    Love the website. Enjoy the summer.

    1. Thanks anonymous, yes I am aware of the problem for some time, but have not yet been able to fix it yet.
      I guess its not that high on my priorities right now ; )

      I can see from my stats that my blog still get the 4000 clicks per day so thats ok to me!

      Until I can mend the feed, you can follow my blog via Facebook if you are on there.

      Many thanks!

  5. Oh I do wish that Tracy and I could pop down on a jolly but alas just a little to far...good luck and will spread the word X

  6. Hi Artemis, like 'Anonymous', I thought you had stopped posting, as Google Reader hasn't registered any of your posts for months and months, so I was excited to discover yesterday that you are still posting! And I was very excited about the prospect of your jumble sale, especially as I just so happen to be visiting family in East Dulwich next weekend, so will hopefully be able to come! I've already started spreading the news, and have invited one of my friends to come with me. Hope to meet you next weekend : )


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