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29 March 2013

we went for a day out in the East End of London yesterday. We started at Spitalfields market (no surprise) and we found some great treasures! So lovely to stop by and say hello to Jo and have a look at her beautiful stall. She has got such a good eye for collecting. We fell in love with these fish that she's been selling...I wish I could have bought them all, but funds were restricted a little.
I discovered that she's also selling them online in her Toot Shop too.

You can just about spy her behind the fish.

Other things I saw were: a lovely old Olympus camera...sadly not working properly.

a squashed frog...hmm, Im getting an idea from that one.

tiny clogs! bit of shame they were too big for our Little'un at the mo.

Lovely hat box...

We bought...

amazing knitted coat hangers for my growing collection (which Im going to bestow to Pehr one day she has her own room and wardrobe). Check out these folding ones...

...Handy for our camper van ; ) Our van actually came with its original 1970s fitted wardrobe, like you need some where to hang your shirt and jacket when you are camping eh. Unfortunately it took up too much space.

My favourite purchase was this beach parasol. Because we love the beach (like most!) we will need some kind of shade now that we have a babe, and I was planning to buy a modern one for £25 off Amazon. The next day, I find this one, its better made and beautiful and the same price! Its made in Germany(I think!), not China which makes a change.
Im so happy me and this brolly met.

Its quite faded on the top, which kind of drew me to it. Underneath is bright red with snazzy ladybirds on it. I cant wait to get this to the beach and campsite!

My Mister found this canvas and leather tennis bag, its a rather useful object me thinks. It has attachments on the back for your racket. Im thinking to get some old Badminton rackets for it, as thats easier to play on sand.

Pehr LOVES her fishy, especially its tail.

...and head.

After that we stopped at an amazing vintage cafe (which we went last year when I was Uncle Dick with morning sickness!), we went mooching about shops like Labour and Wait (I bought some pencils and some string) and we also went to Atlantis to buy some materials for some forthcoming projects that I am getting really excited about! Blimey Im nackered now. Happy Easter Peeps!


  1. Oh wow, this beach parasol is incredibly beautiful. I hope I'll find a similar as well. Unfortunately it's very rare here in Germany.
    So lovely findings you found.

  2. I love that fishie! And the orange teddy bear in the 4th photo is precious, too. Pehr is such a lucky baby! Have fun at the beach!

  3. That last picture made me chuckle, Pehr is such a cutie.

  4. Oooooh 2 weeks ago today my daughter and I were there too. We stayed at a hotel i Folgate Street so were very close to the Market, Brick Lane and so on.

    I was very exited to see what hid behind the link to the café - could it be the Vintage Emporium? :-D

    We went there because my daughter wanted to look at the clothes but we never found out how to get to the basement. We didn't mind though, the café was such a wonderful place. We didn't have anything to eat since we were on the way back to pick up our luggage at the hotel. It was our last day. But it really was like stepping back in time.

    Happy Easter to you too!

  5. Ooh that parasol is so pretty, what a find! Also, your posts have stopped showing up in my blogger reading list thingybob...hmmm. Happy Easter! xxx

  6. And happy Easter to you and yours!

  7. Anonymous30.3.13

    love the fish! i work nearby so i might go grab one next thursday :-)

  8. Linda31.3.13

    Happy Easter to you too! Great pics - thanks for the post!

  9. They are smart these fishes!

  10. hello! i recently discovered your blog and have spent the past few weeks reading the whole thing. i also collect junk and love 1920's things especially. my little boy has autism and cannot speak so was especially touch that you raised money for the japanese school also. i am very inspired by your creating and need to start making more things again. i love the liberty fabrics...will see if i can order some soon. and i also love all your beautiful photos of england and your camping trips. we are not able to travel and do such things so i love seeing all the photos. i
    m sure i have tons more to say..but my son just got home and is making demands...without word mind you. i will be looking forward to your next post.
    huggs from indiana!

  11. ooh forgot to say...i adore your jewelry! if i could possibly afford it i would get something.. and congrats on your darling baby! she is so adorable! love the cheeks! and you have made her so many wonderful things! lucky baby! ok i think that's all! huggs!

  12. The hat box is amazing <3


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