Christmas shopping in Brixton

22 December 2012

So I dug myself out of the mountain of stinky nappies and sour milk flavoured cloths...and had a nice cuppa tea and slice o'cake down at Brixton Village. Pehr is starting to develop her own language and its very entertaining. She keeps saying Errol which I think could be Hello?
She smiles and laughs all the time. This is how she repays us for cleaning her bum and feeding her non stop. Anyways, we had a lovely afternoon wandering about the shops, very Christmassy indeedo...

I got to visit my favourite vintage shop. I bought Pehr some tiny black dungarees and a 1920s top/dress thingy {but I still have to lose some preggo fat before it will fit me properly, not fair!}.

and a very first enamel camping mug, from this deli...

she loved looking at all the lights, before she conked out for the rest of the day.

tiny espresso cup camping mug for our little one from Cornercopia

1930s baby dungarees from Leftovers

bubs admiring all the candles and lights, yay!

We are going to the Isle of Wight for a few days in our Campervan. My mum's cooking is amazing, and Pehr will get to meet her baby cousin too. I think I maybe indulging in some alcoholic relief...I think I deserve it ; )
Merry Christmas Peoples! X

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