DIY BABY - part 6

29 August 2012

I made a babies sleeping bag on monday, out of an old cotton table cloth and some Liberty print fabric. Its slightly padded and has a fold over bit at the bottom so you can open it up {which is a bit wonky I know}. The pocket is made from a scrap of Japanese print cloth.

I hope that it fits the babe, or the babe fits it! I didn't use a pattern foolishly so I'll have to wait and see.

So I'm pretty much there for preparations for the kiddo...still have a month and a half to go, so I guess I'll be twiddling by thumbs for a bit now.
My belly is huge and daily life is very odd with a big bump...not much else to report concerning preggo stuff. I have met up with a few local ladies who are all due around the same time as me, which was lovely. Also been reading lots of books and enjoying foot rubs every day {husbondo has bought me an electric foot massager so he's officially been made redundant of that job}. I have had a serious craving for nectarines, I can get through three in 60 seconds easy.

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