long lost summer

26 July 2012

at last the sun came out in Blighty, and so a spot of camping was called for.

campsites around the South East are a nightmare during the summer, fully booked out since January, so not much hope for us 'fair weather' campers who just up and go according to the weather forecast.
We therefore went to one we'd been to before a few times, which is quieter and has a lovely fishing lake and beautiful corn field.
On the way there we stopped at the British Wildlife Centre, because I LOVE animals.
We saw...

Water Vole {not a rat, thank you.}


Badger of course

...having a bath and a good ol'rummage in its nether regions before lunch was due.

We spent ages looking for the Otters in their ponds {I have ALWAYS wanted to see an otter} we finally found one fast a kip in its glass roofed bed. It was seriously comatose, dreaming about something. Its fur is immaculate.

a tiny Muntjac deer, and up popped its even tiny-er babe {we thought the adult was a baby one until we saw the baby one!}

its mum was washing its bum at the same time it was feeding...a worrying insight into motherhood

Nao attracted a Red Squirrel by cruelly pretending he had a nut in his hand.

the squirrel soon sussed it out, and headed for the iphone instead.

this sly fox was after some light refreshments.

but we thought he should be eating slugs and frogs instead, so he didn't get even a lick.

we also stopped by Britain's oldest windmill, which we discovered had been destroyed in a storm in January. Very sad. We had a cuppa instead.

at the campsite...

Nao had lamb things. I analysed my bump as usual.

next morning we headed off too Birling Gap on the South Coast, again. We love it here, we usually go down the end where the nudies are because they are generally a peaceful bunch. {we kept our swimmies on though}

Nao did a spot of whale watching...

we had a bit of a stress finding a different campsite, they are mostly pretty naff around that area. We ended up at a farm which grew on us very much so we might even go back there one day.

the ducklings were small enough to escape the fence and do their 'cute feed me' routine...

Jon Bon Jovi Ponies.

I take this fox pillow everywhere, its just the right shape for a prego like me.

Lastly we went to Camber Sands again, its becoming our regular destination when the sun comes out.

but we managed to find a quite spot at the far end...

this was my view from the whole two days...

we might squeeze in some more camping if this weather keeps up! I'll keep yous posted.

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