a business trip to Paris

5 July 2012

Husbono and I used to go to Paris between 2 - 4 times a year to exhibit RUST in Paris Fashion Week {Tranoi Exhibition}. It was a hard life back then {couple of years ago}, always struggling to keep up wholesale orders, dealing with buyers and waiting sometimes a year to get paid. We used to work right through the night on our new collections before catching the Eurostar at about 5am. We'd arrive in Paris like zombies and we didn't really get on with the whole fashion scene. Eventually, after about 6 years, we decided to stop wholesale orders {and Paris fashion week} and open up and sell from our own shops instead. A brave decision, but an excellent one! We now make much more income and make less items and cut out the buyers all together. We are much more in control of our business now...very happy about that!
So, anyways, this was our first trip back to Paris since then, and although it happened to co-incide with the Tranoi exhibition, we were doing something completely different, hooray!

Officially a work trip but much more relaxing than before...we went to buy diamonds at a jewellery show, visit a few jewellery finding shops and go to some flea markets...work/dream trip!

We popped into the very famous Merci shop. I bought a linen dress for my huge belly, and we had a drink in the caf.

We managed to find a shop that sells pressed brass plaques and all sorts. Its just like a museum, we spent ages in here. We had so many new ideas.

Up at 5am for the market...

{that dog was called Bon-Bon}

Dinner here in St.Germain.

Lots of walking around with our market goodies {well Nao did that!}
And this dusty floor which is everywhere in Paris, reminds me of Plimsolls cat litter ; )  I ended up with white feet.

It was great to walk around Paris just as tourists, and there was so much that we hadn't seen before, after so many visits.
We loved this romanchiku* bridge covered in padlocks with couples names on. We sat down here in the evening sun and watched all the goings on and passers by.

Another early start for another market! We bought so much, amazingly we managed to get it all back on the train. I was at this haberdashery stall for quite some time...

at Jardin du Plantes for a very nice lunch...

me preggers and in Paris. The little wriggler enjoyed the trip I think.

we mooched around a lot, stopping for drinks or ice cream and peering through shop windows.

I bought a little wooden boat for you know who, its handmade in Brittany, perfect for playing in rock pools {or the bath maybe}. Yes, I was tempted to launch it in the Seine.

We really enjoyed Paris, and my feeling towards the city has changed a lot now!
I hope to list some of our French junk findings on my Junkaholique shop very soon {meant to be doing it today but we'll see!}.

*this is not the name of the bridge! {as a few peeps have thought!} I find myself saying things in a funny Japanese pronunciation because some words i find too cheesy to say seriously! Lots of Japanese words are just English words but spelt differently and with a vowel on the end, I find this MOST entertaining! {I sometimes get the Japanese spelling wrong too}. I meant its a 'romantic' bridge, but the bridge is called Pont des Arts of course.

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