in the garden...

28 May 2012

Its been stinkin hot here in Blighty over the last week, which is very welcome indeed as I'd all but given up hope of ever seeing the sun again. Lots of flowers are emerging in the garden, planted by the previous occupant {which is most odd, as I have no idea whats coming}. We ate all day and had naps in between.

finally I got the chance to bung some seeds in the soil and put some plants in rusty buckets etc...

Husbondo helped me to paint my shed, its a kind of putty colour, but white on the inside as before.

Our new bedroom gets a lovely afternoon sun through the widow, which once you hit the bed, its quite a struggle to get up again.

...but we did, and we had a barbecue...mushies, asparagus and sweetcorn...the usual!

and I made a fruit salad, with figs and mint in it.

I love summer, but in Britain you have to make the most of the few days of sun.
More sunny weather action coming up in soon....

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