camping in dorset again

6 August 2011

yes more camping! Im sure you must all be so bored with our camping trips by now. We are simply addicted to the outdoor life, everything is simple and peaceful when you are living in a tent!
We went back to Dorset for a few days, in search of some sun and a dip in the sea. We left London quite late, and after a couple of hours in the car we went in search of a campsite. 
One after another, they were all full due to a local Regatta which we didn't know about, and i started to panic, frantically searching on the iphone. At last i called one and an elderly man answered the phone, and said to go on down and make ourselves at home, £10 per night with hot showers included! Anyways, that campsite turned out to be the best one ever!

we set up our camp, there were just a couple of other people there, and lit the fire and got on with the cooking.

in the morning we were awoken by a peacock, and some strange clucking noises which I never thought could be from an animal. I unzipped the tent and found these cute spotty birds roaming around the field!
I have since found out these are Guinea-fowl. Waaaaaay to lovely to eat surely?
And how amazing is our neighbours tent and bunting!

you can never be 100% on holiday when you run your own business, so Nao bought his office too...sending emails to Tokyo.

our new teapot...

and bathroom...

the next day we went to Lulworth cove, we went there before{see this post for more pics of Lulworth}.
We bought a blow-up dingy, and we rowed all the way around the cove, and then again to get ice cream & crisps. We had a picnic on board!

i did most of the rowing because Nao did the driving.

on the way back to the campsite, we had a look at the tiny village we were staying in, it was just like a time warp. We bought some pickled onions, nectarine & plum jams and some sweet peas by the roadside.

the facilities at the campsite were quite amusing...
but just our style!

a romantic mushroom...

we went for a little wander through the farm we were staying on, intrigued by the exotic bird sounds and harvesting of sweetpea flowers.

there were more toilets and showers in old pig sheds.

and lovely old greenhouses, a magical place indeed, I was very curious as to what goes on here and who would own such a place?

I bumped into the peacock,  and followed him...

...and he led me to more delights!

a tiny old garden nursery in full operation, but nobody around...hmm...

well, the next day we met the owner, a 70 or so year old gentleman, who told us about his passion for growing plants and the birds he keeps. He has parrots and budgies and love birds and all sorts. he said when the peacock does his display by his enclosure around teatime, the parrot opposite tries to do it too!
An extraordinary gent, and such a beautiful and magical mess of a place he has! It was like something out of a  story book. {but dont ask me where this campsite is because it is a secret, sorry!}

in the morning we went off to Chesil beach near Weymouth. It was extremely windy and cold, so after a quick look, we went on to a more sheltered beach instead.


and had more boat outings, I think we are addicted to boats now too.

after a lovely peaceful evening, a horrendous monsoon fell upon us! I have never heard rain so loud but we were all snug and dry in our tent. We had a tea and breakfast indoors before working out how we are going to pack up everything in the pouring rain!

But amazingly we did it, but we were quite soggy. However, it was dramatic but strangely exciting, and i could have quite happily stayed all day in the tent listening to the rain whilst drinking tea and eating cakes!
Cant wait to go camping again soon, oh yes indeedo!

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