south coast weekend trip

26 July 2011

I recommend you go and get a cuppa, 'cause this is another longen'!.
We decided we'd had enough of this crappy weather, and determined to have a summer outing regardless if it was not above 25 degrees. I have been dreaming of jumping into the sea, and couldn't believe I had got to the end of July without being in the brine! So we packed up some bits and bobs, jumped into the car for a day trip, then thought 'have we forgotten anything? um TENT?...just in case?! then back to the flat and quickly grabbed all camping equipments within 5 mins. I had been reading up on a few hidden beaches around the East Sussex region, so we headed in the direction of Hastings to find one of them {also stopping at Hastings to spend lots of money in the junk shops, oop}.

following the directions in the book..."stop at the radar, across the road, past the farm, turn right then left past the stream...etc..etc..."

and we arrived at a not exactly exotic looking beach.

it turned out to be a Naturists beach {that means nudies to me and you}. Gosh and blimey I didn't know where to look. In fact those nudies were so brown they were camouflaged against the rocks so quite easy to step on one. MOST embarrassing.

anyhow, after such a mahoosive trip, we decided to sit down and eat our tasty morsels.

Nao fell asleep after a couple glasses of wine, and I watched the hilarious naked man flying a kite that near lifted him off the ground.

...and went for a paddle. It wasn't a very swim inducing beach unfortunately. However I loved the peace and quite and the prehistoric feel. Its very like some of the beaches on the Isle of Wight actually, because of the clay landslides, ...Compton, Luccombe, Whale Chine...that kind of beach if you know them.

the tide came up so we headed off to find a campsite somewhere.

it was such a trek up the hill, but so beautiful with deep gorges with streams and ferns and such like.
{yes that is my bikini you can see, not my pants thank you!}

We managed to find a little campsite that is actually someones large back garden. It was near to Rye, and had only a toilet and some rabbits. Oh, and also some bats.

But we were the only ones there, which was great! We bought our new stove with us, we found it at the antiques market last week. Its made of iron, and can burn anything.

we had a wee barbecue...

and the sun began to set and the bunnies came out! I love'em, the way their ears stick up when they hear something is hilarious. And their white bums!

after the barbecue we found some branches and got a proper fire going. It gave out so much heat and was kind of hypnotic too.

Our best ever purchase I reckon! It is a little heavy to carry long distance, but fine for us. We can just leave it in the car for when-ever. {very easy to clean too and there is a little draw in the bottom to empty the ashes}.

Next morning, after a cuppa and some brioche, we headed off to a beach we've been to before...

...Camber! Although this is the other end of it which is called something else. It doesn't have the sand dunes, but is much less busy.

a HUGE sandy expanse is really amazing. We had a picnic straight away and fell asleep.

but, I did go for a very lovely swim, I feel sooooo much better now.
{i bought that hat from a junk shop in Hastings, its from Haiti!}

Then we had to go home, BUT, decided to go to Rye on the way to see the junk shops ; )

I love this place, the buildings are amazing, and also the Pimms.

...and of course the junk shops!
So, we crammed in a lot for just one nights stay...I hope the weather improves a bit, as we want to go further next time, maybe Wales?

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