unimaginable creatures

19 November 2010


some recent market findings...these incredible critters are the produce of some 18th century drunkard for what I can see. Rodent legs, cat like teeth with stripes of a badger? Bendy spineless stoat? fox with orangutan face? I know we didn't have cameras in those days, but honestly, if you fell asleep whilst meant to be observing some nocturnal creatures, don't lie about it!

we found lots of cotton bags full of numbers. Some kind of game with dice I think. We thought of using them in our jewellery shop as a pricing code.
Also, for our Tokyo shop, some lovely old Christmas baubles and bird. I love the old ones, we have quite a huge collection at home!

completely unseasonal, i peeked into a box and i found these Easter decorations {has anyone ever heard of Easter decorations? not I} anyway they are beautifully made and very decorative. I might hang on to these and put them in the Bucket Tree nearer Easter!

coming up...
the biggest EVER new collection of RUST jewellery, oh yes indeed. I can't stop making and now have over 60 new items to upload to the online shop! They are still not ready yet though, but my deadline is December the 1st. Also, we are in the midst of planning some open days at the RUST workshop/shop, so you can just walk in with no need to make appointment. I shall keep yous all informed as and when we confirm the days.



  1. What fabulous finds, we always make little easter decorations for our bare branched tree at Easter time xox

  2. Anonymous19.11.10

    In America there are decorations of all kinds for all holidays -- some people have trees that they rotate holiday decorations on --- yes consumerism at it's best here in the USA ---

  3. Yes, we always have Easter decorations, hung from a branch with new spring leaves on. Think we might of inherited that tradition from one of my Mum's best friends who is German though, so maybe not an English thing. Open days sound good!

  4. Anonymous19.11.10

    Becky is probably right - we do get that kind of decoration a lot in Germany :-)
    I don't know how common a custom it is, but in my family we usually have a couple of branches with new leaves or flowers on which we hang coloured eggs (empty ones, of course ^^) and decorations like the ones above.

  5. I picked up a bunch of vintage ornaments today at our local antique market. My mom has a ton on her tree so I was instantly nostalgic. I can't wait to decorate!

  6. Anonymous21.11.10

    My mum makes an Easter tree too, you can use this kind of decorations or painted eggshells and ribbons.
    In Italy is not very common but I think it came from Germany.


    I love your blog and even more your jewels!!!



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