tiny loft conversion

14 May 2019

Not really a conversion, more like making use of a dead space in a Victorian semi. This loft space was pitch black, filled with soot, spiders and no walls or floor...proper scary.
The builders put in two Velux windows, loft ladders and some chip board on the floor...they didn't finish it (probably tired of the whole regrettable job, as it was pretty disgusting up there) so the two end walls, hatch doors on the floor and also the skirting board are not finished. Nao did a great job to insulate and clad the walls in wood, then I painted it.
Because of our circumstance, this is a temporary solution to a permanent problem as our house is only two bedrooms and we don't want to sell it as it is a nice home for our kids. Not saying that this is a proper living space, but me being a shade under 5ft 1, I've rented smaller rooms in London in my youth, so it is actually comfortable for me to stay in when I'm not in London.
It's a strange sensation to be 'too tall' for a room.

So nice to have a place to put my stuff.

I even bought myself my 'own' telly... because Paw Patrol is killing me slowly.

Anyhow, it's a nice escape from Kids and daily life (not that I want to escape either of those but you know what I mean)...unfortunately though, they love it up here so I have a three year old that can silently creep up the ladder without me noticing until I'm being attacked in my bed.

I can work up here too, it's a nice place to concentrate... and it's super sunny and up-lifting.

However, that crow that likes to 'sing' down the chimney pot at 5.30am can shut the f*** up.


  1. Anonymous14.5.19

    I do envy you: private space can never be overrated lol Me with 4 boys (ok the eldest has found his own place by now) I am still looking for a place just for me in our home. Maybe I will convert the guestroom to a haven of feminine bliss !! Enjoy your space !! Marie from Belgium

  2. What a wonderful space you have made for yourself.

  3. Lovely idea and looks great. Just worry there is no ‘fence’ around the opening. Awful if you sleep walk. Please make yourself safe and enjoy every moment. ��

  4. This is so adorable, love it!!!

  5. Lovely space. I moved into the attic room when my marriage broke up...it felt like a really nice place to retreat to, and a space that was all my own. Seeing your pics really took me back to those times! X

  6. Gosh all I want to do is move in to this little haven! You have such a way with making a space so beautiful, peaceful and uplifting. The perfect refuge for you. But please close that hatch next to your bed at night!

  7. I love it. What a great space and so lovely to have a retreat of your own. But I am a nervous wreck about you rolling out of bed. Can you build a playpen-esque 'fence' around yourself? 😂

  8. Anonymous15.5.19

    What a peaceful little haven you have created for your new chapter. I trust it allows for more harmonious co-parenting each having your own space while living in the family home. It looks beautiful.

  9. The ladders fold up into the floor.

  10. Anonymous23.9.19

    Hi any chance you could tell us the height floor to ridge line? My architect seriously messed up our attic room so now only 1.45 metres high - however seeing what you have done has given me hope. thankyou

  11. A beautiful space :-)

  12. This is exactly what I was looking for. Can you please let me know what is the head height in your attic please? I have very small attic I want to do this as well please let me know. Really appreciate it ����

    1. It's about 5 ft high in the middle, so, really tiny!

  13. Hi lovely space could you tell me what you used on the walls roof the white boards are lovely


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