the longest day

10 July 2018

I decided a while ago that it was important for our littluns to celebrate the seasons which usually fall on other more widely celebrated religious festivals. It's nothing too serious, just a big candle lit dinner followed by a present each for the children. They seem to love the occasions and it's a good way for them to remember each season and what it represents.
Here are last years Winter supper and New year supper, and our Spring supper from this year. Due to some work commitments and the like, we missed the solstice itself so our supper was a tad overdue!

We decided to take our dinning table outside into our garden, as the weather has been so hot a lovely in the evenings.

I used these glass containers filled with some water and a candle with flowers from the garden. The glass things were from Ikea.

I recently bought these nice filament bulb lights from Tomshine.

I even found some roses that had survived the unstoppable bindweed!

I DO love me a salad ; )

I was not happy with my tarts.

I cooked, I laid the table and I served the dinner to the royal guests, who only want to eat tomatoes and not much else.

Actually they did eat well in the end which is always a bit of a relief.

All smiles for the ice cream!

and a pressie each...

When Mr Leafy sees a present he says 'car car, car car' because it is always a car.

Whereas P like anything like slime, putty, clay and sand...basically anything disgusting that she can squelch in her hands, so she got kinetic sand, which is actually very nice to play with!

after everyone else went to bed, I had some peace and quiet and lit the fire and relaxed with my friend...the bottle of wine

Happy Summer everyone! x

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