RUST Jewellery - Summer 2018

15 April 2018

I am SO excited about the huge new look for our RUST Jewellery shop that is happening this year.
I am working on it in stages, but the new collection (plus some new versions of our old favourites available in gold) that will be available from tomorrow!

Through the images, I hope to inject a little bit of summery colour, and using the crystals and natural found objects as inspiration and texture. I hunted out some beautiful drawing paper in subtle shades and used concrete and marble slabs as backdrops. All in all it was an exciting project and things may well gradually change and evolve with the different collections and seasons throughout the coming years. Anyhows, I hope you like? Next up I will be re-working our RUST logo (Which we have had for years!) into something a little more in keeping with the mood of the jewellery.
That will mean a whole new look packaging range too!

I love a fresh look so I will get my creative juices going and report any progress here as usual.
Here are lots of random photos lifted from the website, in no particular order...

'Ursa Major' - Greater She-Bear : )

(this is one of our new Moonstone rings, along with our new diamond set wishbone ring)

(New - 4mm flat court Palladium ring, in matte finish)

After a quick double check of details, I will re-launch the online shop asap : )

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