16 November 2017

These are some of the out-takes I took today for our new jewellery collection 'Wilderness'. I'm still in the process of listing them all online but they should all be available to buy from next week. If you follow RUST Jewellery on instagram then that will be the place I will announce it first.

I took these photos using our new tripod, our old one kept falling over or collapsing mid shoot! I'm so impressed with it and it makes life so much easier as it's so heavy duty and the head moves at any angle!Anyhow thats not very interesting.

So these were taken at the bottom of our garden and I was lucky enough to catch little shards of afternoon sun peeping through the branches!
It is no easy job to model jewellery and is only slightly less awkward that directing another person to do what I want them to do! However, the light and colours of the pictures are just what I was after to go with our new jewellery items which are designed to go with your outdoor winter clothes ; ) So overall I'm happy with the concept, I hope you are too!

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