Vintage Car Boot Sale

24 July 2017

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll already know about the event that my mister Nao, and I are hosting here in Yarmouth Isle of Wight. A Vintage Car Boot Sale! There will be at least 16 vintage vehicles selling vintage treasures from their car boots as well as a could of marquee pitches.
We have a lot of stuff to sell, here is just a sample...

We have lots of furniture to sell that didn't fit into our house when we moved from London, as well as toys and lots and lots of clothes from my vintage collection.

If you are considering a trip from the mainland then you can come with either a car or as a foot passenger. A day trip from London is quite straight forward, it takes about 3 hours from Waterloo station to Yarmouth (taking the Lymington ferry crossing). The car boot sale venue is about 3 mins walk from the ferry! There will be a vintage citroen van selling pizzas baked in their onboard oven as well as cakes and tea served from a VW Campervan! We are planning to use our big bell tent as a place to sit and relax and have your tea or lunch. 
In the town there are lots of places to eat and nice pubs and beautiful walks around the beach, river, harbour and woodlands. It will be a very nice day out indeedo!
We will have three cars, a caravan and bell tents at the site to sell from...that will keep us very busy ; )

We are proposing to have two more Car Boot sales, on the last sunday of the month!

For lots of other information and travel advice, visit us at>

You might remember my Junkaholique's vintage jumble sale a few years ago in London?
I really enjoyed it and we met so many blog followers and new people.
Below are some examples of the type of things I will be selling (nearly all of below items were sold)...


Hope to see you there this Sunday!

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