'where the wild things grow' part two!

11 April 2017

So the photos with Little P went so well, I managed to get her to do it again, and also dragged out my mister to the meadow with tot strapped to him, to take some photos of us both. I remembered to take the flowers this time!
The ones in the woods were taken by me using a tripod...all extremely awkward with locals walking past with their dogs! But I'm happy that we now have some photos for our RUST website that give a feel of the style of our wedding and engagement rings. The new slideshow is now on the home page of our website, and I may use some of the photos to make postcards and shop flyers too.


  1. Both parts 1 & 2 are so lovely. A dreamlike quality.

  2. Hi both part 1 and part 2 are just beautiful! Makes the heart smile :)

  3. I agree with sallyhicks!! What great pictures! Your jewelry is beautiful great job!!!



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