15 June 2015 Yarmouth, Isle of Wight, UK

Gordon-Bennet! How excited are we? Just a bit. By lucky hap, we have procured ourselves a rather lovely shop, in the little picturesque harbour town of Yarmouth, right here on the Isle of Wight.

So, it may not have the foot fall of London, but at least we will have a brick 'n mortar shop where peeps can actually see our jewellery in the flesh, rather than only online (or at our Tokyo shop).

We are very hard at work, juggling our daughter and business, with refurbishing our new premises, so things may be a bit blank here on my blog for a while. My mister and I have been painting like crazy!
We hope to open sometime this summer, as soon as we can get everything ready, there will be a new collection and a new accessories collection too, eek! 

More info coming up shortly, or follow our progress over on our rust instagram : )

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