peasant attire

29 March 2015

Well, some more sewing happened! I don't know why but I sometimes get an urge to absorb myself into something or another and there's not much is going to stop me. I have been in my shed chopping up fabric and slammin down the peddle of my sewing machine. I'm learning as I go and my approach is very much trial and error which is how I do everything to be honest! I'm sort of happy with the things I have made, some more than others. I have learnt mostly about different fabrics and that fabric is more important than the pattern in most cases. I didn't use a pattern for these...I think I must have descended from a line of paupers because I feel much happier in a smock with some flip flops than in a fitted dress, so simple peasant attire for me all the way! This works in my favour because these types of clothes are the simplest to make, I guess those peasants had to devise ways to not waist any fabric?
I made another of these drawstring dresses, this time out of a blue chambray fabric.    

This spotty one is made from a very lightweight cotton T shirt fabric I found really cheaply on ebay. It has a bit of a stretch to it, which isn't as easy to sew. I tried out a gathered sleeve idea which I have since found out is called 'bishops sleeve'! I got the idea from those amazing Georgian shirts I saw on the telly (see my Instagram for pic).

It's also gathered a bit on the neckline because I cut it too wide on the neck. I made it quite low on the back to make it a bit more summery. This dress is made from four rectangles sewn together with elastic at the waist...easy peasy.

 Last of all is a simple smock with vest top and patch pockets, very comfy.

So I made nine things this week, which is a bit of a record for me, I really was in a sewing zone and it probably won't happen for another year now, but at least I (and my nipper) have some new clothes for summer!


  1. Very pretty and comfy looking too. Nice to have a whole new addition to your wardrobe that you made yourself - very satisfying I'm sure.

  2. I love your style....and what you sew for your little one and yourself...
    it fits you both perfectly!
    I also know what you are talking s the same with me every time...
    I got so much sewing-ideas on my mind... but it takes a long time for realize it..only in phases;-)

    Regards, Nina

  3. Love the style so simple and cool !

  4. Gorgeous, all three of them. Glad you omitted the bloodstains on the bishop's sleeves - hope you do get some tomato sauce stains on them though, while having lovely sunny pub lunches all summer long.

  5. goodness me, nine things in a week - well done you! & that first dress is just so adorable ^v^ x



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