Dooo it yourself beach attire

23 March 2015

More sewing yesterday. This time, for me! I made some REALLY simple dresses (well one is a T shirt). I made up the patterns but they are basic shapes that anyone can make easily. This dress doesn't even have straps, just a drawstring. I wanted to quickly make some summery dresses that I can wear on the beach and such so I wasn't too fussed about the finish ; )
I have lost the thing that attached my camera to the tripod, so please excuse dodgy photos of me, just wanted to give you the idea of what they look like.

I used neon thread on this one, for a bit of an experiment.

I bought a big roll of this super (like cashmere!) feel cotton brushed jersey which has a bit of a stretch to it. I experimented making a pattern that is one piece, so basically cut a hole for the neck and sew up the sides. I added some crochet trim and a pocket to give it a bit of detail. This T shirt is SO comfy, I don't want to take it off, so I might make a batch of these to live in!

I made it quite long, because I like me a long T shirt.

I also made this dress which just slips over my head so no need for any fastenings...nice for beach and camping days...

So all in all I'm fairly pleased with the outcome, at least they are just about wearable ; )

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