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15 November 2014

It's a busy time for us at Rust HQ, so we've been spending quite lot of time to-ing and fro-ing from the Isle of wight to London. It's usually a hectic mix of looking after and entertaining a feisty toddler, getting work done and visiting a few shops. This time we went to 4D which is a favourite place of ours, but one that we are rarely in the vicinity to visit. It took us about 45 minutes to find a parking space near the shop, which is situated in a railway arch, quite near the Tower of London.
4D is a shop that supplies architects, model makers and animators (and the like).

the world of all things mini.

...and colourful.

beautiful wood in all kinds of shape and size.

and tiny trees.

we bought quite a few things for our projects there.

After a nap in our van, we headed over to Exmouth Market, to see Jo's Christmas Pop-up Shop in Family Tree shop.
It was hard to get the littleun to move away from the illuminated polar bear in the hardware shop without tears.

There are SO many goodies in that shop, I bought a lovely print block, a vintage satchel and another of Jo's beautiful zip-up purses (which I have been using as my wallet).

It's the perfect shop for a spot of christmas shopping, very nice cafes on the same street too. Info about Jo's Pop up shop here.

After nipping into to H&M to buy some cushion inners (they do really good ones) our littlun found this squishy rocket there, and wouldn't let go of it, she was zooming all around London with it ever since and even feeds it crackers.

Covent Garden is so good at doing Christmas y'know.

listening to the opera singers

being fed tea with a spoon (?)

London Transport Museum...

scary 'pretent' horse.

choo choo (tram)

After that, we had a lovely evening walk around covent garden to see the lights. We were lucky enough to find a parking space near Seven Dials.


cwistmas twee! cwistmas twee!, is all we get now.

We also made it to Spitalfields antique market, always good fun to be had there!

Until I lost my wallet! In fact I've lost my wallet about four times in my life and each time it had been handed in with all the money still there. And on that Christmassy note, I shall bid you fare bed. X

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