some new Rust rings

21 October 2014

I have just finished uploading a new batch of our diamond rings onto our Rust Jewellery shop. It's always quite a nerve-wracking few days of intense concentration, taking photos, writing descriptions, taking measurements etc... but now its all done I can relax a bit!

I've also given our shop a bit of a make-over (my blog too as you can see!).

Hopefully before xmas, I'll be launching our new jewellery collection available in either 9ct gold or silver. I'm pretty excited about it, and I want it for myself.

Here are a few new items and new metal variations of Laurel Leaf Carved ring are now available in Platinum and Palladium...and 4mm men's ring too!

and our new Faceted white rose cut diamond ring in Platinum...

If you fancy taking a peek, see here>

p.s. double fern leaf necklaces are now back in stock!

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