It's a bow tie kind of day

14 November 2013

Very proud to show off my new snazzy bow tie (from Zara Menswear), I'm getting in the festive mood already and have started my Winter Solstice* shopping already.

I love down here on the Isle of Wight, we have everything we need (plus internet shopping!). The only thing lacking is a good florist for when I feel the urge to splash out on some blooms. Luckily there is a Sainsbury's, where I purchased some lovely roses for a couple of quid.

I have also purchased some nice (synthetic because I dont like the idea of treading on a sheep's skin) fluffy rugs, made in Britain by the way.

My mister Nao, has been getting up early and taking nipper for a walk with the camera. His photos are stunning, so I thought I'd show them off to you!

* I have decided that I am going to try and call Christmas, Winter Solstice instead. No, I haven't turned into a Hippy (yet), I just decided that I like the meaning of Winter Solstice better, I love the idea of celebrating a season, as humans all over the planet, we used to depend entirely on what each season bought us to survive. Christmas to me has always just been about those nice things that you do in winter, like logs fires, bracing walks along the beach, nice hot food and mulled wine, and giving presents to everyone to cheer us up and spread a bit of love during the darkest months and bringing bits of nature into our houses to decorate and admire. What a great thing to celebrate! It's simple isn't it?

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