not so springy spring.

17 May 2013

The weather here is still pretty chilly, but we did warm day? We thought of nice places we could go and chill out in London, and remembered about Chiswick house. The gardens are free to use and there is a big pond and a cafe. It was very busy as lots of others had the same idea. But is was a lovely day.

apart from that, we've been working on all our wedding ring and jewellery orders at work, trying to keep a tidy flat (which is pretty much impossible with so much stuff and a lazy mum).
I have been addicted to buying storage boxes and things to help organise our tiny space. My clothes have had a massive cull, Im hoping this will reduce the amount of washing too!

But mostly my time has been spent looking after our little one who is not so little anymore. She is sitting up, eating toast solders, almost crawling, saying 'ada' and 'dada', waving hello, and standing up when holding on to something. We are gobsmacked. I wasn't expecting all this to happen at once, she only turned 7 months this week. Slow down Pehr! Just enjoy being a baby when you can!

We've also been out to a few other places, trying to make the most of the dry days. We stopped over at Greenwich park in our camper van. This is one of the most beautiful parks in London in my opinion.

so green and leafy, stunning.

 back at home...

We lowered Pehr's cot as she managed to get up by herself, so we did it the same day just in case. I think she likes it, and she loves clinging onto the side and bouncing up and down.
I need to re-arrange our bedroom a bit as it is chocker block with all our stuff and not that nice at the moment.
And her whale mobile needed a bit of repair after it was pulled to bits!

Good news is that we are generally all getting enough sleep...which is making everything easier : )

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