a busy week it was

5 May 2013

its been awhile...so here's a bit of an update!
...we went to Ardingly Antiques fair, all very lovely as usual...

I was on the look out for a paddling pool for the nipper. Im thinking to do a bit of a make over of a zink tub to put in the garden. I loved this one, but we couldn't have fitted it in our Micra sadly.

so we settled for this one...

 if only we had space in our flat for this...

I dont think I'll ever get tired of colourful enamel stuffs...

and old rags...

and sewing machines!

in fact I bought this tiny machine, it all folds up in its tiny box and it even has a foot pedal. All battery powered, made in Japan. I think its destined for Pehr.

...who is enjoying damp grass and fresh air at last!

We have also been to the Isle of Wight, as it was my niece's first birthday (cripes time is flying too fast!). Her and Pehr got to meet properly for the first time (at xmas Pehr was just 2.5 months so didn't really remember anything I think). They seem to get on ok at first...but Pehr seem to be a bit afraid of new people. Me and Nao have been looking after Pehr up in London without any family around so i think she needs to integrate a bit more...but hey, she's only tiny at the moment.

I had a nasty cold sore all over my gob, and then i got a cold, so I was quite a picture! Anyways, I managed to have a lovely time none the less.

and THEN we also went to Auto Italia show near London. For all things four wheeled and Italian. We went in our Fiat, I was surprised to see that there werent that many other 500s. However when we left the show, a couple popped up behind us and we had a great time in a little Cinquecento convoy down the A3 (at 40 mph).

After a busy week, it has been so nice to chill out in the garden and get some sun on our skin.
I hope we can go camping soon but I wont get my hopes up just yet, knowing British weather.

Also in the news...a tooth!! Pehr now has to brush her tooth every day.

...and then, another tooth appeared, so she now officially has 'teeth' to brush. Horray!

p.s.  Im thinking to do a little Pop-up Junkaholique Vintage shop soon, at our central London workshop. We need to clear out the space and we have LOADS of lovely things which are either too delicate/big or heavy to wrap and post, and theres just too much to list online anyways. The prices will be low as we really want to get on with our workshop make-over. I will post more info soon, but hopefully we are aiming at one or two weekends in June (fingers crossed!). Also some new RUST jewellery item should be coming online soon...when I get the chance to list them!

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