RUST Opaque Diamonds UPDATE

30 July 2012


I'm just announcing that our latest Opaque & Black Diamond Rings will be available online {Under 'Opaque & Black  Diamonds' category on our RUST Wedding shop} from Tuesday 31st July, from 7pm GMT. We had such a lot of enquiries about our last rings, so these will be a 'first come, first served' basis only. So, if you do see one you want, be quick!

Please please make sure though, that if you are thinking to buy one, check your size because most of these rings can only be sized from J - N {UK size}.

Prices vary between £840 ~ £995.

Also new is this 'Wishbone' shape band...

...which is suitable for wearing with one of our diamond rings {please be sure to read the description here for more photos and info on this}. Its shown here in 18ct White Gold, Floral Carved design {£465}, but we can make this ring in different metals and with different patterns {prices will vary accordingly}.

All our items are available Online ONLY as we have now closed our London workshop to the public until next year {date to be confirmed}. This is due to...

a: maternity and paternity leave
b: focusing more on our online shops

Sorry for any disappointment caused!

Good evening peeps! x


  1. They are B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!!!!!!


  2. So beautiful! Will you have any new diamond rings availalbe soon as well?

  3. Oh lord, I wish I could afford one of these... I guess it's a good dream for the future though. :)
    The intricate etching you do into the bands is just stunning, you both make such stunning pieces that can truly be called art masterpieces.


  4. They are all so stunning!

  5. Those rings are adorable! I never wanted an expensive wedding ring, but your rings are making me change my mind ... :)

    Best wishes, Maja x

  6. Ooh I love the wishbone shape! My engagement ring (I LOVE saying that haha!) is shaped so I will need a shaped wedding band for them to sit nicely together....hmm. Hope you three are well! xxx

  7. These are so beautiful I can't even believe it xxxx

  8. I'd love to receive an engagement ring from your store. Must put it in our computer favourites to give the hint :)

    I'm a size I though so wouldn't be able to have any of these beauties :(


  9. Victoria... Don't worry, A lot of them do start at size I up to size N, those are the most common sizes. A few rings, however are a bit more restricting for us to resize.

  10. That's great, thank you for taking the time to reply :)

  11. those look quite special


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