a RUST Jewellery update

9 May 2012


This is one of many new samples that are slowly making their way to our online wedding shop. I say slowly because I just never get the chance to update it these days!

It is a 2mm Flat Court Floral Engraved ring £690, this one is in Platinum but it is also available in Gold & Palladium too {and in regular Court ring shape and in different widths} please contact me for prices etc...

These days I am spending most of my time as a sales person and dealing with customer enquiries {not the sort of job I would apply for!} and I want to spend more time making jewellery, developing new samples and making them available online. So for that reason, our RUST workshop is now only open to visitor appointments on Wednesdays 1pm ~ 8pm. Please email me artemis@rustmadeinengland to book an appointment. I advise doing this well in advance if you would like to try on rings. Otherwise, you can order from our online shop 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, from anywhere in the world! {except Japan, please see our Japanese website for more info! www.rustmadeinengland.com}

that's all folks!


  1. Do I see a diamond in there too? Or am I seeing things? Either way, this is probably the first wedding band I have seen that makes me wish I could have two. Maybe a 10th anniversary gift (coming up in 2 years...)? :) Lovely work.

  2. This is beautiful! I only found Rust after we had bought our rings sob! (sometimes it doesn't pay to be organised!) Our big day is 3 months tomorrow yaay :)

  3. Allthough I love the rings we bought for our wedding (06-06-2012) this one is lovely!

    Don't forget to relax every now and then.



  4. Artemis, iv already told my boyfriend that I want one of your rings!! I cannot wait to own one, i just hope he pops the question at some point. Your blog has been giving me inspiration for a whole year now, thankyou so much. I


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