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29 May 2012


Yes its coming along nicely! My belly is growing on a daily basis now and I am wondering if it really is possible for my skin to stretch anymore! I'm still only half way there yet, blimey.

I'm so glad to be preggo during the summer, I have to say, its much nicer to wear light cotton dresses and such like instead of jeans and jumpers that make me look like a huge ball of knitwear. Although I was a bit tentative about doning my bikini, whilst also looking like a puffer fish.

this is a 1970s nightgown, that I intend to wear A LOT this summer. It comes courtesy of Marks and Sparks...who must have had a great time during the 70s because I have quite a few 'Abigail's Party' dresses.

Today I felt like I wanted to speak in an Essex accent and sip G n' Ts in the garden...minus the fag of course!
Anyways, I was way off on a tangent there...yes, being pregnant is not so bad at the moment, they say the middle is the best bit so I'm not looking forward to the latter stages just yet.

We have a few bits and bobs already...cot, rug, clothes, and loads of vintage toys which we actually already had in our flat! I really want to keep all that baby gubbins to a minimum {unless it looks nice of course} as I'm sure you don't really need all that stuff? I suppose we'll have to get a pram/car seat thingy at some point...yawn.
Besides, our 'nursery' will be a corner of the living room for the next year, so we are a bit pushed for space!

I'm really excited to start sewing soon though, I  hope to update you's all on my attempts...poor child!

So that's about it really,

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