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19 April 2012

Sorry no photo today, I don't get much chance to take pictures at work at the mo : (

I just wanted to say a HUGE massive thank you to all the lovely peep's comments on my last post, I never expected such a reaction...its soooo lovely!
I feel so much support from people I have never even met, its kind of fabulously bonkers!
And, so many of you soon to be mums too! Definitely something in the air ; )  best wishes to you x.

On a different subject...
I have had many comments saying 'I knew you were Pregnant' and yes indeed I was!

I have actually had many exactly the same comments on my blog/real life in the last few years too, when I was definitely NOT preggo, so I think peeps are just eager for me to get up the duff for some reason.

If I missed a blog post or mentioned that I was ill or knackered, its like 'youre pregnant aren't you' ...geeze, embarrassing!

When I first got married, people would ask me ALL the time when we are having kids, and I hated it. Its kind of personal, and some people don't want/cant have/haven't even talked about having kids yet, and I feel very sorry for people who have to explain something so difficult/personal when put on the spot.

I guess we have all done this at some point in our lives and I now regret asking. Being not much of the 'baby' type, {I don't go gooey over other people babies like others seem to do} I was always hoping other friends would feel the same unsure way as I did when I was younger.

I'm really looking forward to being a mum now though, I cant wait! But I'm not really looking forward to the 'so when are you going to have another one?' questions to come later. Or, ' I couldn't see your stomach in the last post, are you pregnant again?' comments, humpf!!

I would love to know how you feel about this? or is it just me being a numpty?

Anyways, enough of this ranting...we are working on lots of new samples at RUST, its all very exciting involving lots of diamonds and other sparkly goodness. I will report back soon with evidence.

Much love to you all! {and I wasn't offended by anyones comments BTW, as I am now actually preggers!} x

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