the time inbetween

31 December 2011

yes, its that time again, ...when I regret eating so much and i cant work out what day it is...
I meant to tidy the flat for the last three days but somehow it hasn't happened yet. I have though, made up a few of these amazing PomPoms sent from some lovely friends in holland.
I will hang them above my desk {once I have tidied the flat}.

Husbondo and I decided that we would learn to play instruments for when we go camping in the summer, and due to the space limitations of our campervan, I decided on the Ukulele {as i already play the guitar a little bit} and Nao is going for the bongo drums!
We bought each other the instruments for xmas. Ukulele is alot like playing the guitar luckily, but the chords are all different! Anyways, I have picked up about 8 chords so far...hopefully by summer I can play a little song for you!!

I plan to learn a Hawaiian if any Hawaiians out there can recommend me any, Id be greatly grateful! {a long shot I know}

So I have been spending the days thinking about all the things I should do, but without actually moving much. I think the xmas decs should come down tomorrow and be replaced with bunches of Daffs.

Nao and I have been enjoying the BBC's new production of Great Expectations on the telly so much that Nao bought up all the other Dickens dvds for us to watch...

Im too lazy to read the books ; )


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