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1 November 2011

Gosh 'n Blimey, its been a while since I posted any RUST Jewellery pics.
To be quite frank, that's because we have been absorbed by project Campervan, and so we've had some new samples waiting to have their photos taken.
Anyways, enough of the jibber-jabber, our new collection of Opaque Diamond rings are just emerging from the jewellery bench as we speak...I have just uploaded the first two onto both the RUST Jewellery & RUST Wedding online shops.
By the way, in case you're not sure what Opaque diamonds are, well its just a fancy name for the parts of the diamond rock which are full and bursting with natural inclusions and colours which all change and sparkle as the light hits them producing some lovely effects on your finger. If you are not a white diamond kind of gal, then these are surely the stones for you...organic, natural and unusual.
As no two diamonds are the same, we will be making up all the rings and selling them individually, each will be re-sized to fit. We do have some diamonds that are a similar shape or colour, but never the exact same.

Also, I am adding a few more men's samples to the wedding ring shop too {above photos}, like our new 'Tattoo' engraved design and 'Herringbone' pattern. They are 6mm & 5mm wide and made of Palladium {although we can make most metals and widths}.

Happy Halloween folks x

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