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15 November 2011

I nearly inhaled my tea this morning when, whilst browsing my statcounter, came across this post! .

It is news to me {and Nao} that he is being listed as a 'writer/musician/photographer and artist', unless he has some hidden talents?

EDIT: I have since found out the error arose, because the blogger saw another blog, who was actually writing about her partner and she got them mixed up. So there you go, before you know it, the world thinks youre a multi talented writer/musician over night! its so easy ; )

Although it is lovely when peeps write nice things about you, Its not the first time I have read things that gave me the same uneasy feeling, and it set me off thinking more deeply about the subject.
When did my blog become 'their' blog? I'm pretty sure Nao doesn't know the password to Junkaholique. Is this what happens when you get married?

Also, it feels weird when people write about me and Nao by making up what we do, or just getting the facts wrong {as in this case}, so here I shall write the true story {oooo, thrilling eh?}

Once upon a time, there was a poor and unemployed Fine Art graduate that had just left her dull and dreary desk job in search of something more creative to do with her life. She didn't have a penny to her name.
She lived in a huge crumbly Georgian town house with seven other housemates {who annoyed her greatly}.

She had been living there for a few years when one day yet another a new housemate arrived to fill a vacant room. The usual 'welcoming' procedure of allocating a fridge shelf and explaining how the gas bill works ensued.

It soon became general knowledge that the new Japanese housemate worked making his own jewellery, men's silver jewellery and leather wallets, and had just set up his own company and taking his first orders. We were all intrigued, and she was invited to visit his workshop for tea. How very impressed she was, to see a fine collection of vintage junk arranged neatly all over the place, and to be served English tea in a vintage cup with a silver spoon by a Japanese man. Hmmm, how very interesting, she thought.

Anyways, to cut a long story a bit shorter, He asked her to help him thread leather through silver chains to fulfill a huge wholesale order for Barney's New York, he could pay her about £8 per chain and she could even do it in the garden whilst drinking tea! Oh yes PLEASE! What a relief that she could now pay her rent and even eat!
So that carried on for a while, and she progressed to soldering silver and then gold, and he thought she was a pretty quick learner {as he had also taught himself to be a silversmith}. Soon, he even let her help designing some new collections for Paris Fashion Week. By now she had a full time job in his's workshop, and after a few years ticked by, they knew they were destined to be together. {well, after a LOT of arguing that is}. And eventually they stopped arguing and got married.

So, since then, I have pretty much taught myself all that I know, how to take pictures, make a website and design jewellery of course! With the two of us, Rust has become something quite different over the years, it has gradually evolved from a Men's jewellery brand, to Ladies jewellery and then wedding rings.
Generally, Nao is in charge the Tokyo side of things which is the main part of Rust, and I deal with the London based side of things. Together we make a good team, creating new ideas all the time {on napkins and backs of envelopes etc}.



We are both creative people who get bored easily, so we are always making and doing something! We work together on Rust, but we also like to do our own projects too {me: Junkaholique, Bucket Tree. Nao: Rust Japanese blog & Twitter, men's vintage clothing shop etc...}. We'd go crazy if we always did everything together!

We love being married, but I do feel it important {for ladies in particular} to hold on to your identity and achievements, at the same time being part of a double act, don't you think?

Hope you enjoyed reading this nonsense! XX

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