handpainted RUST signs

27 November 2011

things are happening at Rust HQ...

its been a year and a half since we moved into our new workshop, and still somethings are not finished! We have managed to be in business withous a single sign except for the one on our door {which was carved by my brother by the way}. Our workshop is at the back of a block of workshops and some customers have to phone me because they cant find us.
So, FINALLY we spent all day yesterday painting some street signs.

it was quite a job actually, i got a bit of back ache this morning.
In Tokyo we paid someone else to do it, but here at home I always think if we can do it, we can spend the money on something nicer, like some nice perfume or a posh diner!

Nao painted a lovely one in gold, on slate to hang on the door outside.


I love that old Victorian style painted signs that remind me of Dickens stories, and thought that would suit Rust well.

so now we have seven signs in total, I'm pretty sure no one will have a hard time to find us now.
The big one is one of two matching, that we will make into a pavement board. Look out for this during our forthcoming openday {dates to be confirmed soon!}

Nao's masterpieces.

This gate used to be red, but I painted it pale grey, and the leaves gold.

Nao has painted the manky railings outside too, and next we are going to sand the floor a bit {as our sink flooded and some chemicals stained our new oak floor!} so it will hopefully look much nicer, and nicer workshop = happy artemis & nao.

I have a few xmas decorations at the ready, but I'll get to this later as I'm still working on all the new jewellery for xmas. We are aiming for the 1st December to have them all available. I will announce as and when, on here and on facebook/twitter etc...

p.s. I took these photos at about 10pm so as usual, they are a strange colour and are a bit fuzzy, apologies about that!

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