pub dog

24 November 2011

Although I have very much been a cat person all my life, lately me and Nao have been dreaming of having our very own mutt. How lovely to have a little hairy beast scampering about, sniffing out treasures in the market. But, alas, Plimsoll is not too keen on other furries, and runs a mile if she get whiff of one.

Also, you do have to pick up their poo, which is hard to get my head around, but suppose you get used to it!
Our own dog will have to wait until we have a big enough house for Plimsoll + pooch to live in harmony. Until then we have bonded with a our local pub dog, who, until the other day just ignored us. We were at the pub 'working' when she came up and sat on my lap, usually it is too busy looking for chips that fell under chairs. This is exactly the kind of dog we would have, small, scruffy and a bit cheeky maybe {Oi, i know what you are thinking!}.

Here she is helping me to design our next collection.

and in return, I give her a new hair style {or earstyle}.

nahhhhh, pub dog love.
p.s. I'm keeping pub dog {and pub} nameless to protect their identity.

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