another summer {part 1}

4 October 2011

what on earth! a heat wave in Autumn, in Britain? We didn't stop to ask any questions, just jumped into the car and sped off in the direction of the sea!

We went down to the south coast, in Sussex. After leaving central London at 4.30pm, with car packed with camping gear, we finally made it to the campsite. It was pitch black and a weird low mist had formed. We couldn't find the campsite and were directed to drive across-country through a field not able to see 1 metre in front of the car! A very strange night, and empty field with a 'pond' {i.e. drainage puddle} and lots of insects for company. We managed to put up our tent in the dark, but had already decided to move to another campsite the next morning, as the site was situated right next to the A22 and felt like the cars were actually driving right next to our tent. Not exactly what we had planned. Anyways, next morning was beautiful despite the noise, and we discovered a few hairy neighbours too.

we spent the next day at Camber Sands beach, which is our fave beach near London. Its HUGE and very sandy. We drank a lot of wine, I went for a swim and Nao read the paper.

Lovely, and fully recovered from the drama of the previous evening. We went off in the direction of our new campsite - Dernwood Farm...

and saw some lovely Oast houses on the way, the evening sun was beautiful and the next days forecast was for 30 degrees! this kind of news makes Nao & I very happy campers indeed.

part 2 coming up!...

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