Lewes' make-over part 2

24 September 2011


A job for me today was to make some new curtains for our VW camper 'Lewes'. I thought this would be a quick job, but like usual I was wrong. You would not believe the amount of curtains that came out of that van, like miles of curtains. Anyways, the idea was to use some old thick linen bed sheets that we had purchased from the flea market. It has a lovely texture is just the right side of white.

it took forever to cut out the fabric, I just laid the original curtains on the top and cut around them, simples!...I nearly ended up with a cat shaped curtain.

then in the shed for some power sewing. I think it was 7 or maybe 8 curtains...blimey.

you have probably seen these animals before if you read this blog regularly, they are early 19th century illustrations of animals for classification purposes. We use them as a backdrop to our jewellery in photos, and we even made last years xmas crackers from them too!
I searched far and wide for some nice fabric, even Liberty's upholstery department {with some of the most expensive fabrics known to human kind} but, alas, nothing floated our boat. So we decided to make our own pattern instead thus, we have the animals. We spent ages at work photocopying them onto fabric transfer paper and cutting them out...

and then carefully ironing them onto the bottom edge of the curtains as if they are waiting for the bus or something.

I think it worked quite well, and once they are bonded, you can wash them in the machine as usual.

so the van is coming along nicely, and we really cant wait for it to all come together and have our tiny home on wheels. We are aiming it to be ready early next week {fingers crossed}.

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