Going home to Isle of Wight

23 August 2011

So sorry for the lack of activity on my blog of late. I don't really have a valid excuse other than our ambition to go somewhere whenever the sun is shining. These British summer days are so scarce that we decided to make as much of them as possible before the long dark depressing winter sets in, so my computer has been left to gather dust. But anyways, last weekend we went back to my homeland...The Isle of Wight.

after a mad dash from work to catch the ferry at Portsmouth, we had a pretty relaxing trip...the sun was actually shining!

I love the 70s seats in the rusty old car ferry.

as per usual, we went straight to one of our favourite pubs for dinner.

a kid left his catch on our table.

there was a stunning sunset...then we went over to my Mum's place where we were going to camp in her front garden but it was too windy, so we slept on her living room floor instead.

this is Chippy, Plimsoll's mum.

in the morning we went around Ventnor junk shops and gathered a huge collection of junk in a massive old suit case. Very successful! and people were getting ready for the carnival that night...

crab pasties at Steephill Cove...

back at Ventnor, I managed an evening swim, mighty refreshing.

next morning, after crab sandwiches and a nap on the beach at Steephill, we went to some more remote places of south Wight.

Rocken End.

and Nao managed to stash some crab pasties in his bag. {Unfortunately I cant eat crab as it come straight back up!}

I had a scramble about on the rocks whilst Nao had a nap.

a very nice cafe at Niton, which has the best view, and the steep climb back to the car...

all very nice indeed! I hope we get a few more sunny days left of 2011, but some how I doubt it looking out of the window today.

P.S. we will hopefully have something very exciting to show you later this week! I CANT wait!!

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